Goes to great heights for a storyGets into the swing of thingsFinds the local perspectiveVery in-Choo-itive

Goes to great heights for a story

Live for the moment, enjoy life (for the sake of the story, of course).

Gets into the swing of things

Ready to get involved with any venture

Finds the local perspective

Really understands what makes people and places tick

Very in-Choo-itive

Gets to the sole of a place

About Steve

To promote any aspect of travel, Steve Collins has the reach to get results!

With a cumulative audience of over 400,000 people – that’s actual listeners, viewers and readers, not mere Twitter followers – I have the ability to get your product known with true exposure across all media.

With over 40 years’ experience as an award-winning broadcaster and the recipient of a United Nations Media Peace Prize, I deliver the kind of explicit exposure industry partners expect.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, which is why you may not be aware of me. I’m certainly not out of the loop though, because I live in the world’s most populated time zone, and that makes me highly connected when it counts.

You see, I promote travel with great enthusiasm, verve and vitality, my infectious passion and personality really help to ram the message home. I am totally professional but also a barrel of fun, a larger-than-life personality who is noticed and remembered.

If you or your travel clients are seeking excellent and wide-reaching exposure –locally in WA, nationally or globally, via interviews, stories, comment or famils –you should be contacting me – so give it a try.

Radio Roaming

Radio Roaming – Talking Travel 24/7 is an online travel radio station that is heard…

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Radio 6PR

Steve has been presenting travel on Perth’s only commercial talk station Radio 6PR for many…

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Home Ideas

Home Ideas magazine is published 8 times a year and distributed throughout Australia in newsagencies…

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Betsy Beer on Cathay Pacific
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Good news for beer lovers, Cathay Pacific introduces Betsy Beer – the world’s first hand-crafted bottled beerbrewed to be enjoyed at 35,000ft.

The quality of…

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Peppers Kings Square Hotel Perth
12/12/2016 | No Comments


The new Peppers Kings Square Hotel has opened in Perth, capital of Western Australia.

Peppers Kings Square Hotel is a new $40…

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Laughing Buddha Returns to Myanmar
03/09/2016 | No Comments

Laughing Buddha Returns

I didn’t know about the Laughing Buddha prior to my first trip to China. Back in the late 1980s I used to escort…

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King’s Walkway Spain
25/01/2016 | No Comments

Walking the King’s Walkway in Spain with closed eyes is not a good idea.

When travelling there is the safe and sure way to go,…

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“I have just listened to the interview and it's brilliant. That is tremendous! Also, your article was one of the most articulate and well written articles I have ever read.” Kinlay Francis, Orkney Uncovered, Scotland

“WOW!!! Thank you so much Steve. We are so honoured that you would do all this for us. We don't know how to thank you enough.” Carol Batchelor, Lupe Sina Resort, Samoa

“It was such fun chatting with you, the entire interview was great.” Nina Fogelman, Ancient Summit, Florida