Goes to great heights for a storyGets into the swing of thingsFinds the local perspectiveVery in-Choo-itive

Goes to great heights for a story

Live for the moment, enjoy life (for the sake of the story, of course).

Gets into the swing of things

Ready to get involved with any venture

Finds the local perspective

Really understands what makes people and places tick

Very in-Choo-itive

Gets to the sole of a place

The Couch

I present regular travel segments on Foxtel’s The Couch which airs each Sunday night throughout Australia.


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Radio 6PR

Steve has been presenting travel on Perth’s only commercial talk station Radio 6PR for many…

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Here are examples of some of the YouTube videos that I have made during my travels.


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Latest Blog

Journey Back in Time at Huta Siallagan Lake Toba
02/09/2019 | No Comments

Near the shores of Lake Toba in Sumatra, on the island of Samosir, is the ancient village of Huta Siallagan

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Madikwe South Africa
02/07/2018 | No Comments

One of my best experiences ever was to visit Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.

Madikwe absolutely surpassed my…

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Train Trip Across the USA Part 2
27/06/2018 | No Comments

This is Part 2 of my train trip across the USA, and this feature was published in the June 2018 edition of Western Australia’s…

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Train Trip across the USA Part 1
25/06/2018 | No Comments

In 2017 I enjoyed making a train trip across the United States on Amtrak.

I travelled from San Francisco

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“I have just listened to the interview and it's brilliant. That is tremendous! Also, your article was one of the most articulate and well written articles I have ever read.” Kinlay Francis, Orkney Uncovered, Scotland

“WOW!!! Thank you so much Steve. We are so honoured that you would do all this for us. We don't know how to thank you enough.” Carol Batchelor, Lupe Sina Resort, Samoa

“It was such fun chatting with you, the entire interview was great.” Nina Fogelman, Ancient Summit, Florida