Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel Siem Reap

I first visited Siem Reap in Cambodia in 2002 when they wasn’t a great choice of hotels. Returning in March, 2018 I discovered the Baby Elephant Hotel, and what a great choice that was.

Located in a back street about a ten minute walk from the centre of Siem Reap, the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel was an ideal oasis from the noise and crowds of the busy town.

Set in two buildings, our room on the first floor was very comfortable.

We had a Deluxe Double Room, which really did adhere to its description. It was spacious and beautifully decorated. The bed suited us and we felt right at home.

Staff were wonderful. Friendly and cooperative. Because I am large they did call me Papa Elephant, but I did enjoy their banter.

A highlight of our stay was enjoying the Happy Hour cocktails around the pool after a long day’s touring.  This being Cambodia the drinks were ridiculously cheap, and we soon relaxed and began chatting to other guests.

The Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is owned and run by Australians, so you can enjoy that typically laid back Australian hospitality delivered by well trained staff.

Breakfast was substantial and delicious.  They have a good choice of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan meals.

The hotel management also cares about the environment try to make the hotel as sustainable as possible.  They have refillable glass water bottles in all rooms, low power LED lights, a kitchen garden and even their straws are made from bamboo.

The Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel also offers airport transfers in the local tuktuks, which are a lot of fun to ride.

You can arrange tours of Angkor Wat through the hotel, and the monuments are quite accessible.

The hotel has a wonderful ambience.  The pool is an excellent way to escape Siem Reap’s heat and humidity. And is the perfect place to sunbake.

Given that the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel has only 25 rooms, it never feels crowded there.

It is an independent hotel and I found it best to book my accommodation directly through the hotel.

As for price, it was reasonable and certainly offered great value.

I liked the fact that the hotel is not situated on a main road because it was quiet and you were able to relax.

My wife and I loved our stay there and have been recommending the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel to friends.

Yes, we did pay to stay there and would gladly do so again. This is a totally unsolicited review based on actual experience.