Guide to Safari Tours in Africa

Guide to African safaris

Southern and Eastern Africa has a reputation for the quality of its wildlife so here is a guide to safari tours in Africa.

During my weekly Friday night Travel Bug segment on Radio 6PR in Perth, Western Australia I spoke to Katja Quasdorf who is the CEO of Jenman Safaris a South African based safari company.

Jenman Safaris started out as a one-person operation but has gradually grown to offer a variety of tours in a number of African countries, so I thought her the ideal person to be able to give us a guide to safari tours on the continent.

The number of countries that Jenman Safaris operates in is quite extensive and includes Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Each country is unique and offers a different safari experience. Having been on a couple of African safaris I know from personal experience just what a thrilling and memorable time you can have on safari.

The experience is nothing like going to a zoo.  When on safari you are in the domain of the beasts. What you see out there happens naturally. Sometimes it can be brutal. Watching lions stalk and attack their prey, for instance. It is simultaneously engrossing yet upsetting, but that is how nature works. Despite get very close to animals that are considered to be dangerous, you rarely feel fear because humans are not a normal part of their diet. We are merely observers and represent no threat to them.

In the attached radio interview, Katja talks about the attractions in various countries and I particularly ask her about Madagascar, which is a large island well off the coast of East Africa, but which was once connected to the continent and has a very diverse range of flora and fauna.

Choosing what to do in Africa is a very individual pursuit. The sheer variety of available tours can be overwhelming, which is why this podcast gives you a good guide to safari tours that are available in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Whether it be climbing to the home of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, or observing the mass migration of animals in the Serengeti National Park, to visiting the lemurs in Madagascar there is always something to spark your interest in picking a safari.

Going on safari is a great adventure, and if you stay at a lodge, it is a very comfortable way to admire nature. Joining an African safari will leave you with memories you will treasure forever.