Train Trip across the USA Part 1

In 2017 I enjoyed making a train trip across the United States on Amtrak.

I travelled from San Francisco to New York, via Washington D.C. and had a fabulous time. Crossing a country overland really lets you get to know both the people and the place, as on any train trip you do get to meet and chat with many people.

This journey was so good I wrote about it for the West Australian seniors’ paper Have-A-Go News. The story was quite long, so they published it in two parts.

Attached here are facsimiles of the story, together with photos that were printed in the May 2018 edition of Have-A-Go News.

This part of the story relates the adventures I had and observations that I made during the first part of the journey from San Francisco, California to Denver, Colorado.

The scenery for this sector was utterly spectacular for most of the train trip. It was certainly inspiring to see such a beautiful part of America. For those who may think that train travel is somehow boring or a drag, this sector was certainly the antithesis of that.  This part of the United States was mesmerising, and I spent most of the time, during daylight hours at least, taking in the majesty of the mountains and the high desert.

I trust you enjoy reading about this journey.